The 10 Best Motels Port Macquarie – From $72/Night

The most beautiful growing coastal city in New South Wales Australia, Port Macquarie, is famous for its stunning beaches such as Shelly Beach, Town Beach, Lighthouse Beach, and more.

Sea acres rainforest center, Roto house, Port Macquire Museum, Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park North Brother Mountain, and Glasshouse make Port Macquarie the most popular tourist attraction. It also offers a world-class and outstanding study experience at Macquarie University with the most high-tech library in Australia which attracts students from all over the world.

If you want to discover the natural beauty of Port Macquarie with an unforgettable experience of exploring historic sites, and planning to spend your vacations in this city, then this blog will help you find the 10 best motels in Port Macquarie. 

Let’s discuss the details The 10 Best Motels Port Macquarie without wasting any time.

10 Best Motels Port Macquarie
Accommodation [Port Macquarie Motels]PriceBook Now
Port Macquarie Backpackers$72Book Now
Ozzie Pozzie Backpackers$72Book Now
John Oxley Motel$112Book Now
Major Innes Motel$120Book Now
Port Macquarie Motel$126Book Now
East Port Motor Inn$129Book Now
Port O’Call Motel$132Book Now
Port Aloha Motel$134Book Now
Camp Jordan$136Book Now
Surf Beach Motel Port$141Book Now

Port Macquarie Backpackers – $72

Port Macquarie Backpackers
Port Macquarie Backpackers

People who love to explore marine life and underwater ecosystems mostly prefer their stay in hotels near areas where there is easy access to experience such unique and immense adventure. For snorkeling lovers, this motel is the best option to stay at the cheapest rates.

So in this snorkeling famous area, you can explore life under the water in a convenient and safe environment and make your traveling experience more adventurous. 

Super friendly owner with overwhelming energy and great staff greet warmly. You can choose the room that perfects your needs. No age discrimination. Everyone is treated equally. This hotel gives amazing vibes of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

The beach is within walking distance of 15 minutes with a lot of restaurants and shops on the way. The rooms are just okay but this hotel is the cleanest hotel in this area.

Staff members clean each and everything every morning and evening. Pets are not allowed but this is a highly recommended hotel if you are traveling alone or with your mates, especially for snorkeling lovers.

Ozzie Pozzie Backpackers – $72

Ozzie Pozzie Backpackers
Ozzie Pozzie Backpackers

People love staying in a hotel where staff members are very friendly and accommodating because their warm welcome reduces travel-related stress and they feel at home away from home. With an overwhelming welcome, this motel offers a 24-hour available front desk and flexibility in using the facilities of the hotel even after the checkout. They organize tours and brief you completely about the onward travel. Friendly staff makes you feel valued and appreciated. They assist properly and enhance guest satisfaction.

With its beautiful architecture and decor, the vibe of this motel is very appealing. They also offer bikes but charges may apply.  You can spend your time doing activities in the gaming area and exploring the cute aquarium and cozy library. If you are staying in summer, you would love your staying experience enjoying their great swimming pools, communal space, and easy accessibility to the beach which is within walking distance. This is not a pet-verified hotel but a pleasant hotel with clean amenities and friendly staff.

John Oxley Motel – $112

John Oxley Motel
John Oxley Motel

This motel adds significant value to free services by adding free barbecue facilities to enhance the guest experience, providing communal spaces where you can gather, making a positive connection with other travelers, and fostering social interaction. You can cook and dine together, promoting a sense of community. Most families or groups prefer to prepare their meals, then this motel is the best option for them for a great dine-in experience.

Rooms are comfortable and beautifully decorated with a fully functioning kitchen. You would be delighted with the cleanliness and comfort of the beds and pillows. All appliances are in good condition and everything is provided that you need for an overnight stay. Easy check-in with exceptional and friendly staff.

Pets are not allowed and parking is a bit awkward but this budget-friendly and newly renovated hotel is a really good value for money.

Major Innes Motel – $120

Major Innes Motel
Major Innes Motel

People who are traveling by car prefer the accessible parking space when choosing a hotel. This motel offers not only a good and convenient parking space but also free of cost. You do not need to worry about finding parking elsewhere and stressing about carrying luggage over long distances. Their secure parking monitors and protects your vehicle. With the peace of mind, you can enjoy their best staying experience. 

Rooms are well-furnished and well-presented with additional cooking facilities. With an excellent location, it is a quiet motel with no noise of the city. This old-time motel gives vibes of stepping back in time but everything is present in the best condition. Pets are not allowed.

This beautiful and close-to-nature motel is surrounded by greenery, giving you the vibe of a village-style place and a sense of relaxation.

Port Macquarie Motel – $126

Port Macquarie Motel
Port Macquarie Motel

CCTV security systems are crucial in hotels to monitor any kind of criminal activity. Guest mosty prefer their stay in a hotel having a strong security system. This motel has cameras in common areas and hallways for the complete safety of the guest and their premises. Everything in the hotel is monitored to reduce the risk of theft or any other incident that risks the life of a guest. For guest safety, they take all precautionary measures.

The free parking facility of this motel allows you to explore the surrounding areas without worrying about time limits. Instead of paying for public or paid parking options, you can opt for their free parking option and save money. Although rooms with beautiful color coordination are small but good value for money for one one-night stay with clean and comfortable beds and pillows. Easy reachability to local shops and restaurants. 

If you already booked the hotel but arrive late, then the staff contact you to let you know about your key so you do not face any difficulty when you check-in. This hotel is not pet-verified but is a price-friendly hotel that suits all your needs.

East Port Motor Inn – $129

East Port Motor Inn
East Port Motor Inn

For aesthetic appeal and a range of benefits, staying in a hotel near a landscape garden is a great idea. This motel offers a pleasant and relaxing environment near a landscape garden, which contributes to an overall travel experience. To make your stay memorable, you can do leisure activities, outdoor events, and dining in these gardens. 

This old-time motel gives you a nice nostalgia for the old time. It is close to the inner city center. Close to the local restaurants and shops. Cafes, clubs, and beaches are within walking distance. Easy check-in and check-out with a cheerful receptionist.

All the things available in the room are in working best condition. All the rooms are clean and tidy with airy and cheerful views of the hotel. It is a cozy and spotless place to stay. This is not a pet-verified hotel but this great accommodation is recommended by many visitors.

Port O’Call Motel – $132

Port O'Call Motel
Port O’Call Motel

Fish lovers know the importance of fishing and how much they miss this activity while traveling because it connects them to nature and promotes a sense of relaxation.

If you are a fish lover and want to pursue your passion even during your stay in Macquarie, then you do not need to look for another place, this hotel is a great option for staying and fishing. Fishing points near this motel allow you to catch fish and feel the joy of being near water.

Attentive and knowledgeable staff provide warm welcome and personalized services. They make you feel valued. Rooms are available with great amenities. You can also take away coffee cups in the rooms.

They offer services at very reasonable charges but it becomes double during the holiday season. If you are traveling from Canberra to Brisbane, then this hotel is the best midpoint to stay near the main road. Pet are not allowed but this motel has a good location for transit people.

Port Aloha Motel – $134

Port Aloha Motel
Port Aloha Motel

Highly recommended by beach lovers, this 3-star hotel has a great location near the calming environment. The sound of waves and astonishing beach views contribute to making your stay valuable. You can spend happy hours doing a lot of leisure activities such as beach sports, swimming, sunbathing, and many more.

This hotel offers a very calm and peaceful atmosphere that many visitors seek when choosing a motel. Staff members are very attentive. They give proper attention to all services from check-in to dining to make the stay comfortable. Instead of the challenging work throughout the day, the counter staff is very friendly and gives you a proper briefing about everything. This accommodation has first-class rooms at reasonable charges per night. Private bathrooms have very handy mini clotheslines.

This is not a pet-verified hotel but Everything we need is within walking distance such as restaurants, bars waterfront, and shops. This motel is located within a short drive from town.

Camp Jordan – $136

Camp Jordan Hotel

Are you a pet lover? If yes, then Definitely you are looking for a hotel in Macquarie that allows you to stay with your beloved companion. Camp Jordan Hotel

Stop worrying about it, this motel named, Camp Jordan allows you to keep your pets with you in exploring the Macqurine. Now you can enjoy your trip without worry of leaving your pets behind. Pet cleaning charges will apply to your stay.

This motel is in a housing estate, safe and quiet. With no traffic noise, it is located only a short walking distance into the town. From setup and decor to the gorgeous location and funky vibes, this is a lovely place for making memories. The staff team is very accommodating, helpful, and friendly.

This port maquarie motel is on the water and offers BBQ boats, polycraft boats well as kayaks, and paddle boats. To make your stay in Jordan incredible, you can drive to vast coastlines, vineyards, and energetic restaurants.

Surf Beach Motel Port – $141

Surf Beach Motel Port
Surf Beach Motel Port

With an excellent verified guest rating, this motel offers 10% off when you sign in at their website. This motel is close to the Town center. To make your stay superb, this modern renovated property offers comfortable rooms with a separate kitchenette equipped with all the utensils. Without any extra expenses, you can easily get an upgraded room. Each room is provided with bonus biscuits and drinks.

Staff go out of their way to help and assist you in every matter. Beaches are near at hand. The sunrise view in the morning makes you feel relaxed and fresh. A clean, tidy, and well-kept motel. 

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed there but this port macquarie motels accommodation make your ordinary stay memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Find Affordable Motels In Port Macquarie?

By using a website named, you can find a motel according to your preference.

What Is The Average Price Range For Motels In Port Macquarie?

The average price range is $51-121 per night but the prices vary according to the dates and location in Port Macquarie.

Can I Cancel My Motel Reservation In Port Macquarie For Free?

Every motel has its own terms and conditions. But yes, some motels cancel reservations for free like Port O’ Call Motel allows cancellation for free until two days before arrival.

Are There Any Motels In Port Macquarie With On-Site Parking?

Yes, there are many port macquarie motel accommodation that offer on-site parking such as john oxley motel port macquarie, surf beach motel port macquarie, AND major innes motel port macquarie etc. 

Final Verdict on Motels Port Macquarie

Every motel in Macquarie has different overall verified guest scores, ratings, reviews, and features, and offers different amenities and services.

These above-mentioned motel in port macquarie are well-maintained and well-organized, providing comfortable and peaceful night stays at reasonable charges. Book your hotel according to your preference of date, time, and location. Their appealing welcome always warmth your heart. TRAVEL, MEET NEW PEOPLE, AND REFRESH YOURSELF.

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