Things To Do In Newport Beach

Newport Beach, a vibrant city located in sunny California, offers a wide array of activities and attractions that cater to every taste. With over 7.3 million visitors each year, it’s clear that this coastal paradise has much to offer. 

From the pristine beaches of Crystal Cove State Park to the bustling Balboa Fun Zone, there is never a dull moment in Newport Beach. 

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, Newport Beach boasts upscale shopping at Fashion Island and exquisite dining at 21 Oceanfront. 

If you’re seeking a more adventurous experience, you can take a ferry to Balboa Island or try your luck at spotting whales. 

With so much to see and do, Newport Beach makes for an unforgettable getaway.

Visit Top Attractions

Visit Top Attractions

Here are some brief descriptions of top attractions to visit

Newport Beach

Welcome to Newport Beach, the crown jewel of Southern California’s coast! Here, you can bask in the sun on the sandy shores or ride the waves with a surfboard. Explore the vibrant marine life with a snorkel or simply build a sandcastle. Don’t miss the stunning sunsets that paint the sky every evening!

Balboa Island Ferry

Hop onto the Balboa Island Ferry for a fun and relaxing ride. This charming little ferry takes you on a short trip across the harbor. Enjoy the cool breeze, watch the playful dolphins, and marvel at the luxurious yachts. It’s a must-do when you’re in Newport Beach.

Balboa Island

Balboa Island is a gem filled with small-town charm. Stroll along the quaint streets lined with unique shops, or indulge in a famous frozen banana or Balboa Bar. Don’t forget to take a leisurely walk around the island to enjoy the beautiful views and stunning beachfront homes.

Fashion Island

Calling all shopaholics! Fashion Island is your paradise. This open-air shopping center offers a range of high-end retailers, trendy boutiques, and delicious dining options. 

After you’ve shopped till you drop, relax in the beautifully landscaped courtyards or catch a movie at the luxe cinema.

Corona Del Mar State Beach

Suppose you’re seeking tranquility, head to Corona Del Mar State Beach. This picturesque beach is perfect for picnics, sunbathing, or exploring the tide pools filled with fascinating sea creatures. Climb up to Inspiration Point for a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

Participate in Newport Beach Activities

Participate in Newport Beach Activities

Newport Beach in sunny California is a treasure trove of activities for all ages and interests. If you’re a fan of water sports, you’re in for a treat! 

From surfing on the exciting waves and paddleboarding in the serene harbor waters to kayaking with playful sea lions, there’s no shortage of aquatic adventures. 

Here are some engaging descriptions of activities you can participate in Newport Beach

Water Activities

Newport Beach is a great place to enjoy water activities of all kinds. From swimming and sunbathing to surfing and kayaking, there’s something for everyone.

  • Swimming: Newport Beach has 10 miles of stunning coastline with plenty of beaches. Some popular swimming beaches include Corona del Mar State Beach, Newport Beach Pier, and Balboa Beach.
  • Surfing: Newport Beach is a world-famous surfing destination with waves for all experience levels. Some popular surf spots include The Wedge, The Point, and The Huntington Beach Pier.
  • Kayaking: Newport Beach is home to the beautiful Back Bay, which is a great place to kayak. You can rent kayaks from several different companies in the area.
  • Snorkeling: Newport Beach has several great spots for snorkeling, including Crystal Cove State Park and Lovers Cove. You can see various marine life, including fish, sea turtles, and octopuses.


Take a break from the beach and explore Newport Beach’s beautiful parks. Play a friendly soccer game, enjoy a picnic under a shady tree, or simply watch the world go by. 

Parks like Crystal Cove State Park offer hiking trails with stunning ocean views.

The Balboa Fun Zone

Get ready for a day filled with excitement at the Balboa Fun Zone! From the thrilling Ferris wheel ride that offers panoramic views of the harbor to arcade games that test your skills, the Fun Zone is a hit with kids and adults alike.


Stroll along the iconic Newport Pier or Balboa Pier for stunning ocean views, a spot of fishing, or simply enjoying the cool ocean breeze. Grab a bite at the end of the pier and watch surfers ride the waves – it’s the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Explore Cultural Experiences

Art Walks

Newport Beach is a hot spot for art lovers, with events like the Balboa Island Artwalk. This annual event showcases the work of 90 artists, featuring paintings, fine jewelry, blown glass, sculpture, and photography. 

It’s free to attend, making it a great day out for the whole family. The Newport Beach Art Exhibition is another one-day event where artists can show and sell their artwork to the public. For those who love to combine art with a bit of exercise, the Brea Art Walk is a must-attend event. 

Lastly, don’t miss ‘Art in the Park’ at the Newport Beach Civic Center. This event brings the community together through art. 

So, grab your calendar and mark these dates because art walks in Newport Beach will not be missed!


Newport Beach hosts several festivals yearly, celebrating everything from music to food and culture. 

The city has vibrant decorations, live performances, and bustling crowds. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, try delicious food, and participate in fun activities. 

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, attending a festival in Newport Beach will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Wine Tastings

If you’re a wine enthusiast, Newport Beach has got you covered. The city offers a variety of wine-tasting experiences, perfect for beginners and connoisseurs. 

You’ll be able to sample a wide range of wines, learn about different grape varieties, and understand the wine-making process. Some events even offer tours of vineyards, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite beverage is made. 

Dining  And Accommodation Experience

Newport Beach offers a variety of dining and accommodation experiences, from casual beachfront eateries to luxurious oceanfront resorts. Here are a few of the best options:

21 Oceanfront

Dining at 21 Oceanfront is like stepping into a different era. This elegant restaurant in Newport Beach offers a unique blend of fine dining and ocean views. 

Think of it as dining on a luxurious ship, with the waves lapping at the shore below you. Their menu offers mouthwatering seafood dishes, juicy steaks, and an impressive selection of wines. You’ll be treated like royalty by their friendly and attentive staff. 

And don’t forget to try their delicious desserts! Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual dinner, dining at 21 Oceanfront will make your day unforgettable.


Newport Beach has many exceptional hotels and motels, each offering unique accommodation experiences. 

Whether you’re seeking the opulence of a grand hotel, the comfort of a boutique inn, or the convenience of a well-located motel, Newport Beach has it all. 

Our platform is renowned for its welcoming staff, comfortable rooms, and top-notch amenities. Many offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, adding a touch of magic to your stay. Step outside, and you’re just minutes away from the beach, world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment. 

Choose to stay with us in Newport Beach, and let us make your visit unforgettable.

Final Verdict: Things To Do In Newport Beach

 Newport Beach is a vibrant city that offers an abundance of activities for all types of visitors. With its stunning art walks, lively festivals, and enriching wine tastings, it’s a haven for those seeking cultural experiences. 

Dining at places like 21 Oceanfront provides a perfect blend of exquisite cuisine and breathtaking views. The city’s diverse accommodation options ensure a comfortable stay whether you prefer luxury hotels or cozy motels. 

Beyond these, the beautiful beaches, exciting water sports, and shopping opportunities make Newport Beach an irresistible destination. 

So, whether planning a vacation, a business trip, or a weekend getaway, Newport Beach promises a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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