Often asked: How To Jack Up A Dual Axle Travel Trailer?

Where does the jack go on a double axle trailer?

The safest place to jack (IMHO) is under the U-bolt plate, under the spring, just behind the wheel. After all, this is where the weight of the trailer actually transfers to the axles.

Can you jack up a travel trailer by the axle?

It is best to place the jack underneath the axle, and to only jack up the trailer until the trailer’s weight is off the tire. If you need to make any other repairs, place the jack near where you need to work, using the frame or the axles (they are the strongest points underneath the trailer).

Can you pull a tandem axle trailer with 3 wheels?

One of the great things about tandem axle trailers is that in the event a wheel fails you have three other ones to keep you from being totally stranded. If you have three good wheels on your trailer and don’t have far to go you would be fine to limp to a repair shop.

How do you jack up a travel trailer to change tires?

To jack up a travel trailer to change a tire, you will need a bottle jack, ramp if dual axle, or other automotive jack. Start by chocking the wheel on the opposite side, sliding the jack under the frame near the tire to be changed, and jack it up. This will allow you to remove the tire to replace.

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What kind of jack goes in a travel trailer?

Recommended Jack for Trailer to Change a Flat Tire For a jack to use in an emergency to change a flat tire I recommend using the Powerbuilt Bottle Jack #ALL620471. This jack has a lift range of 11″ to 21″ and a 6,000 lb capacity which is more than enough for your camper trailer.

How do you level a camper without moving it?

Use a bottle jack on the low side. Raise it enough to level and then put blocks under the wheels and lower it down again. Dig around and under the tires that are on the low side and let it settle into “level” in the hole.

Can I add another axle to my trailer?

You could add a second axle to a trailer that doubles its axle capacity but this does not ensure the other parts of the trailer, such as its frame or coupler, have that same doubled capacity.

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