Quick Answer: How To Travel Scandinavia?

What’s the best way to travel around Scandinavia?

One of the best ways to travel around the cities is the public transport, which is very convenient and pretty reliable, like in all Northern Europe. The Scandinavian public transport is not only buses or trains, there are boats, car ferries and passenger express ferries, and the hub and a coach.

Is it expensive to travel in Scandinavia?

It’s true that Scandinavia is one of the most expensive regions in the world to visit. But the real truth is that it’s only expensive if you mimic behaviors from ‘home’ such as staying in hotels, driving everywhere, visiting theme parks and eating out every night.

Where do you fly into for Scandinavia?

A Guide to Airports in Scandinavia

  • Denmark: Copenhagen International Airport (CPH)
  • Denmark: Aarhus Airport (AAR)
  • Denmark: Aalborg Airport (AAL)
  • Denmark: Esbjerg Airport (EBJ)
  • Finland: Tampere Pirkkala Airport (TMP)
  • Finland: Ivalo Airport (IVL)
  • Finland: Joensuu Airport (JOE)
  • Finland: Vaasa Airport (VAA)
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What is the best time of year to visit Scandinavia?

No surprise here: June, July and August are the most popular months for travellers coming to Scandinavia. There are loads of reasons why people choose this time, not least of all being the temperate, sunny weather and the wonderful ‘summer house’ coastal culture found throughout the region.

What is the most beautiful Scandinavian country?

29 Reasons Norway Is The Most Beautiful Scandinavian Country.

How long do you need to travel Scandinavia?

With two weeks to spend in Scandinavia, you can travel through the contemporary capital cities and explore one of the most spectacular regions in this part of the world: the western coast of Norway.

What is the cheapest country in Europe to visit?

11 Top Cheapest European Countries to Visit

  1. Bulgaria. Bliznaka (The Twin) Lake, Rila Mountain, Bulgaria.
  2. Romania. Bran Castle, Romania.
  3. Poland. Gdansk Old Town, Poland.
  4. Montenegro. St.
  5. Ukraine. Kiev Monastery of the Caves, Kiev, Ukraine.
  6. Portugal. Porto, Portugal.
  7. Slovenia. Lake Bled, Slovenia.
  8. Hungary.

Is Norway cheaper than Iceland?

Norway is 14.6% more expensive than Iceland.

What should you not wear in Sweden?

Avoid wearing loud and glitzy clothes in favor of smart casual dress in muted or dark colors. Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and linen are more popular in Sweden than synthetic textiles.

What is the cheapest Scandinavian country to visit?

Sweden – the cheapest Scandinavian country.

Which Scandinavian country speaks the most English?

English in Denmark The situation in Denmark is very much similar to Sweden, with around 86% of the population estimated to speak English, the vast majority of them very fluently as well. Denmark consistently ranks in the top four countries for English skills, mostly just behind Sweden.

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Is Norway better than Sweden?

While Norway is certainly better for hard-core outdoor enthusiasts, Sweden is a great choice for most people looking to explore Scandinavia for more than stunning scenery. If you want great food, good public transportation and a bit of cash savings, Sweden could be your more suitable option.

Where can I see the Northern Lights in Scandinavia?

What are the best places to see the Northern Lights?

  1. Tromso, Norway. Based in the heart of the aurora zone in the Norwegian Arctic, the city is widely regarded as one of the world’s best places to see the Northern Lights.
  2. Swedish Lapland.
  3. Reykjavik, Iceland.
  4. Yukon, Canada.
  5. Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland.
  6. Ilulissat, Greenland.

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